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We build efficient & knowledgeable personnel to protect as back office partner.

You may be a software development firm, or you may simply be a new start up business. We can be your back office partner/outsourcing solution. We help partner worldwide to be efficient on business growth, cost effective on resources and add value to maximize profit. We support partners. Back office could be single handed person or a team depending on size of your organization. We are flexible on time & day.

Back Office Partnering Work in Dhaka to Support Your Business

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Back Office Partnering Work in Dhaka – Benefits You Can Expect

Free trial facility

Seven (7) days free mock trial to understand virtual employee’s capability and our services. It may help both of us to break the Ice. The free trial works like this: Virtual employee will finalize upon satisfactory of Customer. Services may continue or discontinue depends on customer Choice.

Reduced paperwork

In present era’s many offices are in a process to reduce document preserving space and human intervention for this job to improve efficiency in daily work. A virtual employee is the best solution to support an organization to transform in paperless office and productivity. Simply, we are here to digitalized your work and archiving documents for future reference.

Reduced cost

Virtual office will support an organization to reduce document storing space and cost of employee by providing offshore work facility. We are engaging expert resources in competitive price to work with you and preserve documents for legal requirements. By hiring a virtual employee each organization can reduce operational cost up to 60%.

Reduced staffing costs

Having more workers is a problem, pure and straightforward it is not great, we have to admit it, with sick pay, holiday pay, pensions contributions, and insurance payments its a nightmare and definitely not value for money, transferring the activities to an outsourcing provider removes the many hassles, Roar IT Solutions takes all the hassles and expenses of having staff helping to make staff absence problems a subject put to rest.

Increased productivity

Hiring an expert always makes sense when it is about reducing your liabilities as far as handling non-core tasks are concerned. If you are conversant with the benefits of increasing your assets and reducing your liabilities, you will surely consider taking the valuable advice from the experts of the outsourcing companies for skillful handling of tasks.

Eliminate headaches associated with freelance hires

While the benefits of outsourcing have become a foregone conclusion, it is like recruiting a better expert in an offshore location which is cost-effective when compared with in-house recruitment that enhances the expenses of running business operations.


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