Why you should have a Virtual Employee?

  1. Expertise in IT professional.

  2. Engage in full time dedicatedly.

  3. Consider time zone factors and consultation will concluded accordingly to prior notice.

  4. Monthly rolling contract (Not less than two quarters)

  5. Hire an individual/group lead by a Project Manager.

  6. Additionally, a specialist team will monitor and evaluate the whole Project.

  7. Grow and shrink business as per Customers demand.

Service quality and payment process

  1. Seven (7) days free mock trial to understand virtual employee’s capability and our services. It may help both of us to break the Ice.

  2. The free trial works like this:

    1. Virtual employee will finalize upon satisfactory of Customer. Services may continue or discontinue depends on customer Choice. (Payment method is negotiable).

  3. If Customer is agreed to continue with virtual staff, then we will send him a contact paper/ invoice. Services may start upon customer’s instruction.

  4. Free trial is available for new customer and that is for once.

Interview with virtual employee

  1. We will select the most competent employee to secure customer’s need and introduce him responsive.

  2. We may change or add employee based on Customer’s suggestion, if required

Timeline to engagement of employee

  1. We will take one (1) week time to finalize to appointed a skill employee to the right place. Employee will support the company and a details guideline will brief to the respected client on or before start the work.

What type of support will be in place for virtual employee?

  1. Standard office desk with updated IT equipment.

  2. Commonly use software or clients recommended specific software

  3. Communication materials i.e. headset, webcam etc.

  4. Fastest broadband connection with un-interrupted power supply

  5. Time management applications

Interview /communication with virtual employee

  1. In regards to virtual employee we prefer not to share resume to select virtual employee. We are selecting employees following a rigorous interview process and hire best candidate to work with us and for our valuable partners.

  2. We may change employee if our partner desire or have any opinion. Due to the cultural differences, language complexity and various other reasons, most employers are not suited to selecting a candidate properly from our offshore offices.

Leave and holidays

  1. We will follow home country labor law in terms of Government holidays and leave. However, we always prefer partners requirements to accommodate leave and holidays, it can be adjustable. We will notify our employee on the rules of leave based on partners job description and ensure to be obliged.

  2. We will monitor leave on daily basis that assure our offshore partner feel comfort and support will not be interrupted due to un-authorized absence.

Contract or other documents

  1. We are responsible to provide right employee’s details and upon confirmation of our partner will sign the terms of business.

  2. Our selection competent about employee based on our partners specification of job and confirm the business with payment procedure.

Working hours to support virtual work

  1. As per Bangladesh Labor law an employee does not work more than forty (40) hours in a week.

  2. Few MNC and local companies consider flexible time as because of traffic Jam or natural calamity.

  3. Part time Jobber has no certain obligation. They may work and delivery customers’ as per both parties mutual understanding

Daily work schedule and breaks

  1. We are following local time (+6 GMT) and thus the reason our office starts from 9 am to 10.00 am (Flexible time) and finish at 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm (Flexible time) in local time.

  2. We announce half an hour launch time starting from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm at local time.

Payment Policy

  1. Invoice or contact papers will share with customer and signature will done by mutually agreement with both parties.

  2. Payment may be borne by weekly or monthly as an advance which will be written in the contact papers.

Full time Offshore Job

  1. Increment of salary based on performance. Salary will increase at the ed of the year. This increment will recommend based on inflation, volume of works and previous year work delivery.

  2. Consider of above point we proposed 10% of salary raise upon employee’s gross Salary.

  3. we do not allow employees to directly or indirectly receive any sort of bonus, salary increase, incentive, commissions, etc. However, if you strongly feel the need to reward your employee, you may forward this to our HR Department to guide you on what is suitable and what is not.

Network Security

  1. We maintain an AI to keep safe and secure of our network and also keep our security patches up to date. Our facility is secure and the building has 24/7 armed security.

  2. Before entering the office, all employees must sign in using our clock in a system. Employees also have to sign an NDL (Non-disclosure letter) agreement with us.

Tax and others Benefits

  1. As per Bangladesh government tax law employee should pay his tax to the government tax agencies.

  2. You are paying for a service, which includes: an Employee, office space, office equipment, management services, technical support etc.

Terminated contact

  1. Unlike to other firms we do not tie you down to long term contracts, our agreement is essentially only 30 days rolling contract.

  2. Simply you need to give us 30 days prior notice to terminate the contract.

Quotation of Virtual Employee’s Support

  1. The fee quoted to you is the full and complete cost. The fee charged covers everything from, the Employee’s salary, office space, office equipment, internet connection, telephone, management services, technical support etc.

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