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Our Objective?

We provide end-to-end solutions with full-time, offshore employees. Our software developers, web & mobile app developers, UI/UX designers will serve any needs clients/partners have and in a competitive price. We are flexible to provide individual or group of experience developer to any project based on client/partners requirement.

Clients/partners may hire software developer to work with their instruction and on time or Roar IT can work on contract basis to complete the project.

What We Serve?
  • FREE Trial of 7 Days!
  • Pay as you go! Monthly rolling contracts!
  • Flexible working hours as per your time zone
  • Pay as you want – monthly, weekly or hourly!
  • A project manager is included without extra cost
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 24/7 Support

Why Choose Roar IT Solutions

Free 1 Hour Consultation

After receiving the initial brief our skilled development team will sit with you and discuss the project in detail. In the consultation, the features and functionalities of the project will be identified and free technical expertise will be provided on the project.

We Follow Proper SDLC

We Strictly Follow Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) complete cycle for development i.e. all the tasks involved in planning, creating, testing, and deploying a Software Product.


We guarantee a flexible payment term. Once the client is happy with the proposal and it is officially signed, the work will commence immediately after a first stage payment. Timely revisions will be performed as customer satisfaction is something we seriously value. We move on to the next stage only after the client is fully happy with the work completed.

✔ Approach payment terms on a case-by-case basis.

✔ Implement milestones that trigger a payment.

✔ Multiple payment way & term.

✔ Approach weekly & monthly payment.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Hire Virtual Employees

Virtual Employees as the Next Wave of Business
There are many benefits and some concerns to consider when hiring remote employees. Virtual employees are more cost-efficient, more productive, and happier overall. Recruiting virtual executives might be helpful for your company's growth.

✔ Access to The Best Talent.

✔ Reducing the Overhead Costs of a Business.

✔ Do away with the hassles of recruitment and hiring.

✔ Eliminate headaches associated with freelance hires.

✔ Pay According to The Requirement.

✔ Flexible Working Ethics.

✔ Increased productivity.

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